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  • Interim Service
    An oil and filter change using OE spec parts and a 27 point service check of your vehicle.

    From £75.00

  • Full Service
    A comprehensive 47 point check of your vehicle's condition, oil and air filter replacement with OE quality parts, all levels checked and topped up.

    From £135.00

  • Manufacturer Warranty Service
    Using the same schedule as the main dealer, we will service your vehicle to their specification, keeping your warranty intact. Please note this is a booking only, prices will be confirmed once booked.


  • MOT Class 4
    MOT Class 4 - Cars, Light Vans and Small Minibuses


  • MOT Class 5
    MOT Class V - Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (13 to 16 passenger seats)


  • MOT Class 7
    MOT Class VII - Goods vehicles (over 3,000kg up to 3,500kg design gross weight)


  • Motorbike MOT
    Class 1 and 2 Motorbike MOT


  • Diagnostic Assessment
    1 hour including a code read, visual inspection, live data analysis and general initial advice as to next testing steps.


  • Advanced Fault Finding
    2 hours of diagnostic assessment, technical service bulletin access, scope testing and electronic check to give an accurate answer to your issue - all with no unneeded parts replaced.


  • DPF Assessment
    If your DPF is blocked, we will carry out an initial consultation and then assess the vehicle to find out if or why the DPF is blocked and what's needed to get the vehicle back to working order.


  • Air Con Regas (Up to 2013)
    Air Con Regas (Vehicles up to 2013 - certain models after 2013 use a new gas. Please call us to confirm prices on these.)


  • 1234YF Air Conditioning Regas
    Many vehicles after 2013 use this new, eco-friendly gas. If you're unsure please give us a call.


  • Tracking
    Four Wheel Laser tracking.


  • FREE Winter Check
    A Free check of the essential items on your vehicle to stay safe this winter.